NBA 2K21 – Season 5 All-Star Spotlight Sim Challenges

NBA 2K21 Season 5: Age of Heroes is in full swing. It features a great deal of content including a new All-Star Spotlight Sim. This activity has 100 new challenges. The rewards include items representing some of the best NBA players. This is your chance to get galaxy opal cards without paying for them. Completing all 100 challenges will take some time. Players will have to put a few hours into this activity every day. It’s not easy and it’s a serious commitment but the rewards make it worth it. Nineteen cards can be obtained if you complete all the challenges. There are 16 pink diamond cards and three galaxy opals. MT and tokens are also among the rewards. There are 17 sets of challenges. A set comes with five, six, or eight challenges. Let’s see what these challenges are all about.

Each set contains All-Star games from a certain season. Each challenge corresponds to a particular season. For example, the first set includes All-Star games between 1965-1969. The challenge requirements vary. The first challenge is easily completed by winning the game. The last two challenges require players to win the match by at least 10 points. You will need to achieve five rebounds with a player to complete another challenge. The second set features games between 1970-1974. You will need to score 15 points, win the game, win the game by 15 points, and do 15 team rebounds to complete the tasks. The All-Star Spotlight Sim from 1975-1979 has the following requirements: do eight assists with a player, win the game, and do 10 team assists. For the fourth set, the one between 1980-1984, you will need to do six layups, score six goals worth three-points with a player, win by 10 points, and win the game. As you can see, each set introduces a new requirement. Other requirements include: do 10 team dunks, do four dunks with a player, do three team steals, and so on. The last set features some of the most iconic All-Star games and it is the most difficult. You will need to score 70 team points, achieve 50 points with a player, do 12 team dunks, win by 12 points, do 12 team three-pointers, and in the last two games you cannot turn the ball more than eight times.

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